Sooner or later, most everyone has to decide how to sell an estate, household items or a collection of antiques. ASU would like to offer you an alternative to the traditional “tag” sales. The auction method of liquidating property is becoming more and more popular throughout the nation.

Some of the advantages of the auction method of sales are:

  1. Auctions establish a true market value for property at any given time
  2. Auctions dispose of everything, there are no left overs to decide what to do with
  3. Auctions provide an accurate inventory and sale record of every item
  4. Auctions stimulate a spirit of competitive bidding which in turn drives prices upward; no one can predict how much a person is willing to pay for an item
  5. The auction is quick, most often done in one day

ASU provides a full range of services from appraisals to consultations and can handle everything from start to finish. We offer the latest in technology for the auction and marketing, and can conduct auctions in our own facility or on site. For our client’s protection, we’re licensed and bonded by the state of Texas and covered by a state recovery fund; we’re also members in good standing of the National Auctioneers Association as well as the Texas Association.

Our goal is to provide outstanding professional service to the client who has hired us. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and professional service providers as they deal with life’s transitional situations.

As a new business in Midland we will go the extra distance to establish our business and make our clients satisfied customers.